The Safest, High-Return Investment You Can Make This Year

Posted: December 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Safest, High-Return Investment You Can Make This Year (Share the message if you agree)

The Stock Market is at an all-time high with a strong chance of a correction. The bond market is tanking, and who knows where gold is going, while the dollar plummets. Of places to invest, most are extremely high risk. One man made news by losing millions because he threw out the hard drive that held his bitcoins. Is it possible to make an investment that is safe, and yet will bring a high return? The answer may surprise you.

Before I give the answer, let’s consider some monumental problems this country is facing that right now impact your bottom line.

  • Taxes are skyrocketing to pay for people who don’t work.
  • You pay through the nose for education, but can’t find qualified people.
  • Theft and burglary increase as unemployment worsens.

In business, we know that corporations which don’t invest in research and development will soon go out of business. We must improve our services and products, or somebody else will take our customers. A corporation that invests its money in real estate, stocks, gold, or even bitcoins will show a profit when times are good and those investments are rising in value. But, it’s R&D which will keep that business alive through the downturns.

Unfortunately, we have stopped running this country like a smart business. We chase after the latest “hot commodity” while forgetting to invest in what will get us through the next crash. It’s those times when we can’t find the time to invest in R&D when we must do so. The investment we must be making right now is educating our children.

We can complain about not being able to find qualified employees, or people who are unwilling to work, or who break into our homes, steal our cars, and trash our cities. We can complain that our schools are failing. Or we can do something about it. If one adult were to mentor one child, and invest in his life, and someone stepped up for every child, we could transform this country almost overnight. You may think this a foolish dream. But if only one out of ten adults would do this with Point to Reading, we would reach every elementary age child in America.

If you think that a few hours a week is a poor investment of your time, realize that the children we have been neglecting will someday be your employees, who will someday take over running your business, and will someday be the ones taking care of you during your final years in a nursing home. Now, you tell me what could possibly be a better investment.

astronaut with PTR

Henry Skinner-Larsen is the author of Point to Reading , the PTR Jumpstart Manual, and Point to Reading the Bible. The principles of Point to Reading™ are based on the belief that our children are smarter than we imagine and can learn way faster than we allow. We can best help our children by building a love of reading in them. That way, children can learn and teachers can teach. The key is locking in the love of reading while they are still young, and before any number of challenges can steal it from them.


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