A New Year’s Resolution…for Somebody Else

One consistent theme to New Year’s resolutions is they are about us. Me. My weight, my money, my health. I wish to suggest a New Year’s resolution for somebody else. This is a resolution to give your time to somebody for no money and for no special recognition. This is a gift you can’t write off your taxes. But, it may pay the greatest dividends of any investment you will ever make.

You know from the title of the blog that this has something to do with reading. The vision of Point to Reading is about transforming education, families, and the nation in less than a year.

Here’s the Vision for 2014. If only one out of ten adults will mentor one child (30 minutes, 3-4 times a week), reading a great book the PTR way, we will raise up every child in every elementary school in this country to become the best reader he or she can be…in less than one year.

So, as you consider various resolutions for the coming year, will you make a resolution to change the future for one child? If enough people will step up to do this, we will change the future of this country. Will you be one out of the ten? In addition, will you be one who will forward this to others you believe will also care about the future of one child and this country?

Is 2014 the year we stop expecting somebody else to solve our family and educational problems and just do what one person can do? Be the one.


Henry Skinner-Larsen is the author of Point to Reading , the PTR Jumpstart Manual, and Point to Reading the Bible. The principles of Point to Reading™ are based on the belief that our children are smarter than we imagine and can learn way faster than we allow. We can best help our children by building a love of reading in them. That way, children can learn and teachers can teach. The key is locking in the love of reading while they are still young, and before any number of challenges can steal it from them. http://www.pointtoreading.com


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