Many people think Point to Reading is not for them. (Share the message, if you agree.)

Some don’t have children, or their kids have already grown up. Therefore they think the book is for somebody else. But, people who think poor reading skills in other people’s children is not their problem are fooling themselves.

  • When you can’t find good employees,
  • When you realize that your children (who have done well) will someday be supporting the rest who don’t read and got a poor education,
  • When you recognize that the overwhelming majority of prison inmates can’t read above a basic level—that they will commit crimes to live because their poor education does not afford them better opportunities,

this becomes your problem.

Instead of doing something, we complain.

I read blogs and news stories whose idea for solving the tragedy of education in America is to blame Congress, the courts, the School Boards, and the teachers. We want somebody else to solve our reading problem. And when THEY (whoever they are) don’t do it, we complain. Some parents do what it takes for their own children to succeed, but OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN are somebody else’s problem.

Who will solve the problem of reading and education?

If you are waiting for Congress, the courts or the schools to come up with the solution, you may have a long wait. The past forty years of flat test scores should be enough proof that answers will not come from there. Do you think the answer will come from the seven out of ten Americans who dislike reading? Does that mean we give up? That’s not my idea of a good plan.

One out of ten

There is one group that is the only hope for transforming reading and education in America. Those are the people who read and believe reading is the key to a bright future. No one else will do this. Imagine one in ten adults mentoring one child to become an excellent reader. That’s enough adults to reach and raise every child in every elementary school in the whole country. Once this message gets out, we will accomplish this in one year. If you are intrigued by the notion of this moon-shot, I encourage you to read this book and pass the word along to others. I hope you will help me find the one out of ten. Point to Reading is not for you. It’s for everyone else. Thanks for listening.

astronaut with PTR

Henry Skinner-Larsen is the author of Point to Reading , the PTR Jumpstart Manual, and Point to Reading the Bible. The principles of Point to Reading™ are  based on the belief that our children are smarter than we imagine and can learn way faster than we allow. We can best help our children by building a love of reading in them through a one-to-one relationship. The key is locking in the love of reading while they are still young, and before any number of challenges can steal it from them.

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