About Point to Reading

My name is Henry Skinner-Larsen. In 1978 I read The Hobbit  by JRR Tolkien with a six year old boy named Jeffrey. When we finished the book (in about eight months), Jeffrey was reading and understanding the story fluently. When he took the national standardized tests in second grade, he tested at level ten on both reading and comprehension. In 1996, I repeated this with my son, Xander, and again with Brian in 1999. They both tested off the charts in reading and comprehension. People started asking me how I did it. What did we do that was so special? Out of this came my book, Point to Reading, which explains the simple ideas that allow any parent to do just what I did. Fun and easy is the key.

This blog’s purpose is to bring hope to parents who want an excellent educational experience and a bright future for their children. This is about the difference one parent can make by sharing a great story with a child the Point to Reading way. DSC04186 (2)

Visit www.pointtoreading.com to learn more.


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